My Winnipeg (2007) 1080p YIFY Movie

My Winnipeg (2007) 1080p

My Winnipeg is a movie starring Darcy Fehr, Ann Savage, and Louis Negin. Fact, fantasy and memory are woven seamlessly together in this portrait of film-maker Guy Maddin's home town of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

IMDB: 7.60 Likes

  • Genre: Documentary | Comedy
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 80
  • IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 
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The Synopsis for My Winnipeg (2007) 1080p

Filmmaker was born, raised and has always lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a town where he says everyone sleepwalks through life. He is trying to escape Winnipeg, but isn't sure how as he isn't sure what's kept him there in the first place. Perhaps his parent's month long 65th wedding anniversary celebration (despite his father being dead for some years) where he will reenact his childhood (with actors playing his family, except his mother who plays herself) in the old family home at 800 Ellis Avenue, which was above the family's hair salon business, will provide some answers. He recounts some civic events which have affected him and the life of Winnipegers: the 1919 general strike, the destruction of the Wolseley Elm in 1957, and the replacement of the iconic Eaton's building for the new hockey arena in favor of the old Winnipeg Arena. The latter has an especially close connection to him because of a family tie and the rich history of hockey in the city (discounting what he ...

The Director and Players for My Winnipeg (2007) 1080p

[Director]Guy Maddin
[Role:]Amy Stewart
[Role:]Darcy Fehr
[Role:]Ann Savage
[Role:]Louis Negin

The Reviews for My Winnipeg (2007) 1080p

Not witty, just whimsical...Reviewed byburntouthackVote: 5/10

Meh. Whimsical/bitter reminiscing with lots of made up facts and anecdotes which you can imagine some audiences rocking with mirth to but which aren't all that clever or witty - they're just very whimsical.

eg (my spoof)

Grainy b/w shots of someone in a living room being offered a cup of tea and drinking it with a smile

Narrator: A cup of tea. A cup of tea. My mother would always offer visitors a cup of tea. What is this drink? This tea, cupped in porcelain, porcelain as white as the snow which falls outside onto our Winnipeg sidewalks? My mother served tea in a cup from a set her grandmother gave her, a cup which had come from the mayor's wife, who murdered her own sister, drowning her in a bath of Earl Grey. A drink of death. The cup of life. A cup of tea.

It's sort of like that, with a quick shot thrown in of the sister drowned in the bath of tea. 80 mins of that. Doesn't really have anything to say.

Just FascinatingReviewed bycrossbow0106Vote: 10/10

A tribute, kind of, to the great city of Winnipeg, Manitoba (I'm not being facetious-I've been there), this is an 80 minute documentary about the place. It accentuates the winter's bitter cold, the days gone by (some of the images are amazing) and what the city meant and means to Mr. Maddin. This film is not for everyone. It is in black and white and grainy. At first, I wasn't sure if this was a mockumentary, but even though the narrator laments the passing of people and places, I was wondering if the whole point was to explain why people don't leave. Sure, its no Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver (you get the idea), but its a medium size city that thrives. I have seen Mr. Maddin's "Saddest Music In The World", so I know I was expecting something different. Maybe you have no interest in Winnipeg (or can even find it on a map!), but that doesn't detract from the narrative. An added bonus is Ann Savage playing the narrator's mother. Wow, she is in her mid 80's and she agreed to do this role. I don't expect mass agreement here, but if you were commissioned to do a film about your hometown, I'm not sure how different your film would be than this, especially if you life in a city thats cold in the winter. I'm waiting for "My Buffalo" or "My Fargo". For now, I'm quite content with this film that moved me and even taught me about the city. A great left of center cinematic achievement.

The Vidiot Reviews...Reviewed bycapone666Vote: 8/10

My Winnipeg

When holding a mirror up to your hometown it's important to do it from far, far away.

The raconteur of this mockumentary, however, cannot escape his birthplace.

Guy Maddin (Darcy Fehr) hopes recounting his childhood in Winnipeg will free him from its magnetic pull.

From the underground confluence beneath the Forks, to the secondary roadways running through the back lanes of the West End, the narrator (Guy Maddin) draws comparisons to his overbearing mother (Ann Savage).

His revelry for séance's at the Legislative building and roaming sleepwalkers is revealed only by his dismay over losing the local hockey team, and the herd of racehorses frozen in the Red River.

Sometimes factual, most often fictional, surrealist filmmaker Guy Madden forgoes the snowscape stereotype, instead using his abstract black and white style to enhance the city's inexplicable allure.

Incidentally that murky quality to the cityscape is a result of fogging for mosquitoes.

Green Light

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